Balconies Guidelines

Our advice and guidelines if you have balconies on your building. Generally, to ensure balcony safety at all times we advise that you follow these guidelines:


  • Fix additional timber or combustible screening to the balcony.
  • Fix fairy lights to the balcony.
  • Try to clean the outer face of the glass by reaching over.
  • Allow anyone to climb or lean over the balcony, or leave children unattended.
  • Allow heavy objects to penetrate or sit against the glass or be forced between the steel balustrades/railings.
  • Force anything in-between or connect anything to the balustrade.
  • Use the balcony as a barbeque area or use any other appliance that emits a naked flame or intense heat.
  • Use the balcony as a fire pit.
  • Rely on insect screens as safety devices.


  • Any type of naked flame and how you dispose of hot materials, either within your apartment, or on a balcony.
  • Weight guidelines for your balcony, should you need information regarding this, please get in touch with your property manager.
  • Ensuring that children are not allowed near the balcony unsupervised and do not under-estimate their mobility.


  • Limit the amount of storage kept on balconies and do not store waste items such as old mattresses and cardboard recycling on the balcony.
  • Regularly check the surfaces, flooring, glass and railings to ensure that they are safe and not in need of repair.
  • Keep decking clean to remove algae or dead leaves which could cause the surface to be slippery.
  • Maintain any window and door safety devices and ensure you inspect, clean and maintain your balcony for any damage, loose fixings, weaknesses in any glass or any part of the structure of the balcony.

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