Contractor Property Services

Confidence in contractor choice

Our centralised Crabtree H&S team oversee contractor management. Whether it is a regular cleaning contract or replacing the roof, we take the same amount of care in ensuring our contractors are competent, properly insured, safe and provide value for money for our clients.

Before starting work on a property or development managed by Crabtree, all contractors:

  • Are vetted (offering professional services, including project services, health and safety advice, and surveying) or provide evidence of current CHAS Accreditation
  • Submit site-specific risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) for the work to be carried out
  • Are issued with Permits to Work, where necessary

Approved contractor list

Sourcing contractors with a good health and safety record allow our property teams, and the residents on the properties we oversee, to be confident that the work is carried out safely. We maintain a list of approved contractors who are approached to tender for the work. Crabtree will not accept shortcuts and do not always select the cheapest quote. Instead, we prefer to work with competent, reliable contractors who are available locally to us wherever we are and provide value for money for our clients.

Helping RMCs

If you're an RMC you may be considering choosing contractors yourself, however, this comes with certain responsibilities. Let Crabtree help with contractor procurement, by our H&S specialists vetting the contractors for you. This will reduce any risk that may come from a contractor injuring themselves, damaging third party or damaging your home whilst working on site. We are honorary consultants for The Federation of Private Residents Associations Ltd. The FPRA offers its members specialist legal, insurance, management and building guidance. They represent and understand the interests of leaseholders seeking to set up a tenants’ association, existing tenants associations (recognised or not) and resident management companies.