Residential Estate Services

Community-based management services for residential estates of any scale

To achieve the level our residential property management clients expect, our qualified Crabtree teams ensure high standards of maintenance and repairs for all external areas such as green spaces, grounds maintenance, parking, as well as block communal areas. With mixed-use estates all apartment blocks have scheduled cleaning and general maintenance, including redecoration of entrances and hallways and we ensure that all machinery and lifts have regular risk assessments. The safety of staff and residents is always high on the list, with residential property H&S services provided by our Crabtree Group support network.

Crabtree treats each residential development with an individual approach, targeting the needs of the client and those of the residents and their environment alike. For a smooth handover, our onboarding team pride themselves in welcoming new customers and setting their account onto our online Portal to make managing their account as easy as possible. 


Nurturing a thriving community (or placemaking) requires creativity and planning. From the initial welcome, residents are encouraged to engage in activities designed to build friendships, trust and a sense of belonging. Crabtree tailors everything to the site - it's facilities and open spaces, as well as the needs of the people living there. 

Providing group spaces, places for interaction and fun helps to promote a healthy lifestyle and a sense of belonging. We know it has to be done in the right way and with every consideration for the residents and environment alike. Whilst some ecological aspects of the site may seem prohibitive, to us they are an exciting challenge - such as creating a wildflower garden, an art gallery within a pavillion or an outdoor gym for all ages to enjoy.

Green spaces

Open space is important to the health and welfare of both wildlife and residents. Maintaining natural habits helps to the protect species who were living there well before the site became a development, and we take consultation from environmentalist services to ensure stability of the landscape.

Increasing property value

It's not all about creating a great place to live; placemaking creates value. Making developments more desirable makes property easier to sell, which is good for you, but it also helps retain and increase property value long term, and that's a great message to give to purchasers.