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Professional services

Centralised teams providing supporting services

Because Crabtree is part of the Fexco Property Services group, we can provide a host of vital support services, which means all the resources you'll need are in one place.

These services include:

  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Operations & IT
  • Health & safety property services including risk assessments
  • Insurance and legal advice on property
  • Dealing with claims (download)
  • Survey and conveyancing
  • Company secretarial services

About the group

Fexco Property services was founded in 2015 by the Irish multi-national Fexco to provide a nationally focused set of management and professional services to the built environment. As well as Crabtree, the group currently includes Bellharbour, Remus Management Ltd, and Ellis Sloane & Co. Limited. 

Backed by Fexco

Fexco has been involved in block services since 1999, successfully growing the largest residential management group in Australia with more than 220,000 homes under management. They are now bringing this experience to bear in the UK market. Already one of the largest providers in the UK through our combined scale, the group's backing, support structure and combined shared practices in each channel and region across the UK gives us a leading edge as a service provider to the industry. With ambitious plans to extend our capabilities and roster of services, we are always willing to speak to partners that can work with us in the future. To find out more, contact us at