Contractor H&S Approval Process

Selecting contractors is one of the most important tasks we undertake as part of our building management services across the Fexco Property Services group. Whether it is a regular cleaning contract or replacing the roof, we take the same amount of care in ensuring the contractors will work both safely and professionally.  To ensure a timely response we maintain a list of approved contractors who are approached to tender for the work.

We do now request that all of our contractors undergo an approval process, (for which there is an annual charge unless you are already accredited with a third-party health and safety auditor, such as CHAS).  There are 3 options outlined below:

1. Already have H&S documents

If you already have your own health and safety documents, such as a health and safety policy and risk assessments, you can forward those to us and fill in a questionnaire.  We will review them and either approve them or offer guidance if more information is needed.  There is an admin charge for this service and an annual review.

2. Already hold H&S accreditation

If you already hold a current third party health and safety accreditation, we will review your documents in the same way as above, but there will be no fee to pay as long as you provide us with in date copies of your certificates and insurances each year.

3. Need H&S advice

If you need the benefit of professional health and safety advice for your business, Fexco Health & Safety services are able to provide a ‘competent advisor’ service, which can include assistance with risk assessments and policies, online training courses, and advice. If you need more information about this, please contact the team at h&