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Can I paint my interior doors?

Posted 12 June 2020


It's great that residents ask us questions like this because it means we can provide essential advice. So are residents allowed to paint their interior doors? You may think the simple answer is yes but read on because there can be serious consequences if you don't seek the best advice on this. 

You may not know that most internal doors in apartment blocks are fire doors, and for that reason, the answer is no. In the event of a fire, the wrong type of paint could act as fuel and encourage its spread. The leaseholder can check if this is mentioned in the lease, they could also contact the door manufacturer who will be able to advise what paint should be used and also to see if the surface can be altered.

Don't get caught out...

The leaseholder will need to keep a record of what they do to any internal doors and what materials they have used. The law of fire doors is be updated this year and leaseholders may be asked by the fire service or the managing agent to tell us what type of door they have and if any alterations have been made. If they cannot answer this question the fire service will have powers to remove and replace the door at the leaseholder's cost.

The best advice is - if you're not sure what you can and can't do in your apartment, please ask us. Our dedicated Health & Safety team is here to help you stay safe and enjoy your home.

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