Customer reviews

Ensuring great communication

“Crabtree always go that extra mile by showing how they truly care about the residents in the properties that they manage.

In my case I could not have kept my sanity or hope once my flat got flooded due to poor builder's craftsmanship. They have been there all the way for me in terms of communication they are efficient, prompt and I am always kept up to date with any news. Being a director I am fortunate to have a very open and strong working relationship with Crabtree and especially Holly, who is always available to advise with her wealth of knowledge.

I feel that their professionalism is second to none and they would deal with every email or phone call in the most efficient and effective way. Whether I have had issues or not I always found that every query I might have is dealt with speed and care. I would never hesitate recommending Crabtree to anyone. I feel so fortunate that they are taking care of Carinthia House and personally they are worthy of any possible award.”
Stefania C. Director of Broughton Grounds Management Limited

Helping Right To Manage

“Our development has around 220 one to three bedroom flats. These had previously been managed badly for several years by our previous managing agents. We gained the Right to Manage and engaged Crabtree to help us manage the development.

The difference is astounding.

What is most impressive is the way they have engaged with us on every issue bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience to our problems and helping us find sensible solutions. Their transparency and openness has allowed all of us to understand the problems and feel that our input is listened to.”
Phil N. Director at Britten Close

Prompt actions

“Melrose Place Management (No 2) Ltd would like to express our gratitude to you for all your help and assistance over the last 12 months. It is refreshing to deal with someone who is courteous, knowledgeable and efficient in their day to day role. Whenever we have had to contact you with an issue, it has been dealt with and actioned straight away with regular updates via email. It has been a pleasure to deal with Crabtree Communications Department and here’s to the next 12 months.”
Director of Melrose Place (No 2) Management

Assisting Directors

“Since becoming Directors of Lecton Place Management working with Crabtree Property Management. We feel we have gained under their guidance many of the skills required to run an efficient site to be proud of. Under various Crabtree Property Managers all of which have given us their full support in all our endeavours, and we can only say Crabtree Property Management Company have served us well.”
Director, Lecton Place Management

Dealing with issues

“I’m very pleased to have been asked to refer Crabtree Property Ltd for their excellent and effective service in a sequence of complex situations affecting 220 flats, over 9 blocks, which Crabtree now manage. We have been impressed by their professionalism and resourcefulness in property management. Critically, Crabtree know how to make best use of the newly established RTM Board of nine RTM Directors. Crabtree are transparent, responsive, friendly and willing to address issues with leaseholders and residents. Their management of the transition from the previous manager has been efficient, calm and reflected Crabtree’s diplomatic skills. This is what leaseholders needed, in my view.”