What makes us different from other managing agents

With over 35 years’ experience properties in London and the Home Counties you can be certain that we understand how to manage every aspect of your property expertly, efficiently and with a quality of service you may not be used to.

Here's what we do, at a glance:

  • Deal with financials: We’ll deal with financial matters such as the collection of service charges and we maintain all records for transactions.
  • Look after home owners: We deal with the day to day management through regular communications, attending site meetings and AGMs. Our Online Customer Portal provides 24/7 access to accounts, billing and help.
  • Maintain property: We organise contractors and suppliers to deal with all property repairs and maintenance to the common parts of an estate, including external grounds. 
  • Supervise general operations: We handle all on-going enquiries related to the property. We also provide additional services such as health & safety, surveys and advice on insurance requirements.

A highly efficient way of achieving this.

We provide full support via a 'pod' system. Pods are individual, dedicated teams that contain Property Managers and Communications Specialists, providing you with a friendly team, all of whom will be familiar with your property. Additional pods contain Site Inspectors and further admin specialists. This system gives you instant access to the right people at the right time and has been proven to resolve queries and issues much more swiftly; better for you and better for your property. 

All the support you'll need:

  • A team dedicated to you, your property and your daily management needs
  • Just one phone number and email to contact for everything
  • Faster response times and resolutions
  • Additional services from site inspectors and admin specialists
  • Supporting services from the wider group teams, such as H&S, utilities, insurance, HR and company secretarial. For more details see Supporting Services.
  • Being part of Fexco Property Services provides further backing, greater competency and sustained stability

Details about service charges and management fees can be found HERE