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With demand for residential property throughout the UK on the increase, we work very closely with a number of Developers to ensure the properties they build are managed to an excellent standard from the point of planning, all the way through to the build and snagging phases of their respective development projects.

Our specialist New Build team aid our developer Clients by offering expert Property Management including coordinating routine and planned maintenance, advising on leasehold law, financial management and excellent communication as well as public relations. Our service allows our developer Clients to uphold their prestigious reputations for building excellent quality homes, even once a project has ended, a full handover has been completed and before future projects have begun.

If you are interested in finding out more and learning how to develop an excellent working relationship by working in partnership with Crabtree to grow your development brand further, please call us on 020 8371 7070 or email



Service charge levels are important for both the developer and the prospective purchasers. We work closely with developers to ensure the service charge is set at a level that they are happy to bring to market, while providing adequate funds to ensure quality management.

Unlike existing developments, previous financial information is not available for new developments. With our extensive experience, we are able to advise developers of the predicted ongoing maintenance costs. By getting us involved at the earliest stage, we can use our experience to advise on the operational efficiency before you break ground.


There is absolutely no cost to the developer. We charge our management fee pro-rota, out of service charges.

What are the benefits of choosing Crabtree?

  • The developer does not incur the costs and time associated with dealing with property management
  • We get involved as early as possible to provide advice on the operational effects of the development and the lease
  • There is one dedicated point of contact for any issues raised
  • Provides residents with continuity after the completion of the project
  • Protects the developer’s good reputation.