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If you let your property to tenants you will need landlord’s insurance.
While you are not legally required to have landlord’s insurance, there are risks associated with a rented property that won’t be covered on your contents insurance, or under the building insurance arranged for your flat.
Without the right cover, unexpected events can leave you seriously out of pocket.

Landlord Insurance


You will need insurance that covers loss or damage to all the things in your home which are not part of the structure or the building. It is a good idea in case the unexpected happens and your home is burgled or there is a fire, or if your home gets damaged by water.
The insurance covers many things such as, clothing, furniture, jewellery and electrical items.

Contents Insurance


We use the range of our expertise to ensure that our clients have the correct level of insurance for their building. In the event of loss or damage to the communal areas we will ensure that the claim is dealt with promptly and that repairs are carried out as quickly as possible. For more information about how we deal with claims, please view our claims guide


We can arrange insurance for your building. We arrange building insurance with the leading insurers who specialise in the types of properties we manage. Sometimes the terms of your lease means that the freeholder has responsibility for arranging insurance. We will review the documentation to ensure that it is correct.


We care about the insurance needs of our clients and we will ensure that they receive the right cover, whatever the circumstances.

Engineering Insurance

Where properties have lifts, communal boilers or other such equipment it is essential that there is an Engineering Insurance policy in place. Not only will this cover any accidental damage but these policies also include specialist inspections of the equipment at regular intervals. Statutory inspection is required for lifts, certain boilers and pumps and other lifting equipment.

Public Liability Insurance

Some of our clients have estates, garden areas and car parking. It is essential our clients are protected against the cost of legal actions and compensation claims made by visitors to the property. If our client is negligent the insurance will cover claims for injury to persons or damage to third party property.

Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance

We arrange the above Insurance to cover the liabilities of the elected Officers of their residents management company, or similar organisation.
This insurance provides financial protection for the elected officers (directors) of a company in the event that they are sued while carrying out their duties as officers or directors as they relate to the company.