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The Charges

Your service charges are defined by the legal documentation relating to your property. This document will details what your responsibilities are and what you are liable to pay for. Our transparent philosophy provides full visibility and we welcome the opportunity to discuss and clarify any queries property owners may have.

For more information, please review our guide for understanding service charges by clicking on the link below:
Understanding Service Charges Guide

A budget is an educated estimate of the forthcoming year’s expenditure. The budget figures for each forthcoming service charge year are based upon what has or is expected to be spent during the current year. This is done by analysing the expenditure within the current year. You can see from the example over the page that the amount payable by each property is specified. Such information can be found in your legal documentation.

Please bear in mind that this is not always spread equally across all properties. The apportionment’s can vary for reasons such as the number of bedrooms your property has, or even the floor space. Once the service charge is due, a demand will be sent to you for payment. The legal documentation will state on demand but, in most cases and where the documentation allows, we offer a Direct Debit facility to spread payments across the year.

Part of our role is to ensure your communal utility costs are based on the best rates possible. We use external brokers to achieve transparent alternatives to present to the client.

We offer multiple payment options for service charges. Please see the bottom of your demand for full details. If you require further information, or wish to discuss payment terms, please contact us.