Environmental Update

Crabtree is committed to reducing the impact its operations have on the environment. During the past year, we have recycled 4310kg saving the equivalent of 55 trees and 6160kg of CO2. Crabtree has retained Carbon Neutral Status and offset 110 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide.

Over the years we have raised awareness of the environmental impact that an office environment can have to all staff and highlighted areas in which we can reduce our Carbon Footprint. All staff play their part in actively recycling paper, cardboard, glass, metals, batteries and toners – in fact anything in the office that can be recycled – we try and play our part. Crabtree have also introduced lower emission vehicles in order to lower the impact on the environment as we drive our fleet.

Crabtree Environmental Representative, Michael Fallon, says “The culture for recycling has moved forward in the world making it much easier to be less wasteful. I am very happy with the steps that Crabtree has taken through our approach to actively recycle. Offsetting our Carbon Footprint shows the serious commitment that Crabtree has on working towards protecting the environment for future generations. Over the next year, we will be exploring other ways that we can work on reducing landfill and lowering our Carbon Footprint even more.”

We have also expanded outside of the office by raising awareness to our contractors in order for them to be considerate to the environment and not wasteful with the service they provide to our clients.

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